Custom fabrication by Bill Grable
Wild Bill's Custom Shop
264 West Lisa Drive
Chaparral, NM 88081
Phone: (575) 824-4141

The mototrcycle used is a 1999 Harley Davidson FXSTB

The sidecar is attached using clevis tubes purchased from Motorvational Engineering

A reversing gear was installed to allow backing up

The sidecar was built from scratch using a wheelchair for a template

The handlebars and dash were relocated from the motorcycle and mounted to the sidecar

Shifting gears is still manual, and is accomplished by using an electric shifter from Pingel 

Buttons on the handlebar shift up and down

A manual shifter by B&B was installed just in case the electronic shifter fails.

Also, a clear fuel line was connected between the vent on top of the tank and the fuel line that connects the 2 tanks to act as a fuel gauge.

Another view of the fuel gauge

Opening and closing of the lift gate is done using this Linear actuator purchased through ebay. Removable pins are used to attach the actuator in the event the battery or actuator fail.

A battery box mounted on the side provides power to the gate lift motor. The battery isolator shown on the left of the case, allows the battery to charge from the bikes charging system while isolating the battery when the bike is off.

The lift gate is controlled remotely with this kit purchased through ebay.

Steering is  accomplished by linking the handlebars to the triple tree with a bar.

A Pingel fuel chopper valve was installed to allow switching between regular and reserve fuel from the right side of the motorcycle.

4 ratchet straps purchased from are used to secure the wheelchair to the compartment.

Wheelchair strapped it to the sidecar