Motorcycle dash cam page

I just added a page detailing my Moto-camera setup. I hope I'm never in an accident again, so I mostly hope to catch some cool sights as I'm riding around town.  Check it out here:

Updated the Linux Remaster Guide

I added the missing step "2D" and also corrected a typo in step "2A"

In case you are wondering about the typo, the following steps were all in one line which would probably result with an invalid argument error. It is shown here as it should be:

  • export HOME=/root && export LC_ALL=C

  • cd /etc/skel

  • mkdir Desktop Documents Downloads Music Pictures Public Templates Videos

I looked over the guide and didn't see any more mistakes, but if you find one please let me know on my Google+ page here:

Missing step from Linux remaster guide

Thanks to Gerard Aalders on Google+ for pointing out that I missed importing step 2D from the old Google doc version of the guide. If you have been getting stuck on step 2C I'm sorry about that. I'll add the missing step later today. Please get a hold of me on Google+ if there are any issues and I'll fix them asap.

More motorcycle pictures

I added more pictures to the wheelchair motorcycle build page. There isn't a whole lot more to add there, but if anything changes I'll be sure to update it.

New content on the remaster Linux page.

I transferred my guide to remaster Ubuntu and Linux Mint that used to live on my Google drive as a publicly shared document to this webpage. If you are interested in making your own Linux distribution just for fun, give it a try. if you know someone that may be interested in doing so. Share this link with them:

I'm still new to making websites, so please excuse the mess while I figure things out.

Welcome to my new website

Check back here for updates on my projects.

There's nothing here yet, but I'm going to post stuff about my dad's motorcycle, my Linux Mint and Ubuntu remasters, and whatever else I can think of